Jan Dziadzio

facilitator and catalyst


For Teams

Video Transcript:

I work with teams of all sizes, from 2 to 200. From small intact teams to larger departments and divisions. Sometimes, even, in a milestone celebration, with a community or organization as a whole.

Often I'll begin working with teams that are in transition or that are experiencing breakdowns and looking to find a breakthrough. All teams go through stages of development and I help team members understand this, as well as understanding self and others. By focusing on issues of personal power and personal accountability, role clarifications, and clarifying expectations, we can assist all team members through coaching and feedback in becoming even more effective in relationships and results. Whether in meeting, retreat, or workshop format, we often focus on topics of consciousness, communication, conflict resolution, collaboration, creative problem solving, and culture.  I help the successful team become even more successful in inovating and help the team in transition become even more effective in becoming what ever it is that it's striving to do through building skills, in decision-making, and problem-solving.

One of the things that people ask alot about in teamwork is: what will be done to help them feel more comfortable? This includes speaking up for an introvert or someone who's newer, and taking risks in a fierce conversation or clearing. One of the most important things that I do, and specialize in, is creating a safe place, a level playing field, where all voices can be equally heard and valued, and where the likelihood of the breakthrough is exponential compared to the history of the breakdown. I also love helping great teams perform even more effectively, celebrate and appreciate the successes, both individually and collectively, along the way. I look forward to working with your team!