Jan Dziadzio

facilitator and catalyst


For Organizations

Video Transcript:

Organizational transformation is about harnessing the resources individually and collectively that exist in people's strengths. Organizations can either move from good to great or move from breakdowns to breakthroughs. Working individually and collectively with people we focus on six areas, all beginning with C: Consciousness, Communication, Conflict resolution, Collaboration, Creative problem solving, and Culture.

An important component of organizational work is clarifying the vision, values, and viewpoints that serve as the underpinnings for the work we do. We also understand the strategy, structure, and culture of the organization, both historically and what it wishes to be moving forward.

Another important component of this work is to separate out the content of what people do from the process of how they do it, tweaking both. Helping people understand themselves and others and creating a culture of joy where people regularly practice work/life balance.  They also come to know the workplace as a community they have pride to be in. I look forward to working with your organization.