Jan Dziadzio

facilitator and catalyst


For Leaders

Video Transcript:

In the work that I do with leaders, I address a number of questions that seem to arise again and again: "What are my strengths as a leader and what can I bring to this team that can really produce the most effective relationships and results? What is the most effective way to manage others including things like setting and managing expectations, and overcoming conflict? How do I overcome my own limitations enough to model the behaviors I'd like to see in others? How do I clarify the roles of individuals in my team to draw on everyone's strengths and help them to balance their liabilities? How do I help people on my team, including myself, understand myself and others so we can harness all the assets of our team and become a performing team?"

I look forward to helping you build your skill sets in interviewing, hiring, training, and motivating. And two of the most important things that a leader can be effective in: coaching and feedback. I look forward to working with you as leader.