Jan Dziadzio

facilitator and catalyst

Topics & Resourses

Workshop /Intervention/Coaching Topics:

Identifying Core Values
Clarifying Roles & Expectations
Increasing Personal Power & Accountability
Understanging Self and Others
Conscious Communication
Constructive Conflict Resolution
Giving & Receiving Useful Feedback
The Art of Collaboration & Teamwork
Leadership Development
Management Development
Innovation & Creative Problem Solving
Train-the-Trainer Programs
Creating Customer Delight
Client-Centered Selling: the Art of Gaining Commitments
Strategic Planning
Interviewing & Hiring
Team Clearings

Organizational Transition Resources

Cultural Surveys
(Re)Designing Organizational Structure
(Re)Clarifying Mission, Vision & Core Values
Interviewing & Hiring Process Strategies and Tools
Performing Staff Recruiting & Executive Search
Designing and Implementing Orientation Training
Facilitation of Board or Staff Meetings and Retreats
Provide  Staff  Training, Intervention and Coaching
Facilitation of Staff or Board Role (Re)negotiations
Conduct Exit Interviews and Outplacement Services

In every office you hear the threads of love and joy and fear and guilt,

the cries for celebration and reassurance, and somehow you know that
connecting those threads is what you are supposed to do
and business takes care of itself. 
—David Whyte