Jan Dziadzio

facilitator and catalyst


“With a desire to shift from a hierarchical to a team-based environment, Jan provided training for 600 of our factory employees in teamwork, communication, leadership, coaching & feedback, personal empowerment, strategic planning and performance management.  Most employees went into these sessions with a high degree of resistance and distrust, yet emerged almost universally with enthusiasm, motivated to apply what they had learned.  We began noticing attitudes were changing for the better, and communication was improving inter- and intra-departmentally.”  —Bob Bordeau, Employee Relations Manager, Spalding Sports Worldwide

“I have relied on Jan’s intuition, perceptive questions, gentle yet direct coaching, and incredible commitment to our team’s success as a critical component of the Advancement effort at Smith College.”  —Trish Jackson, V.P. for Advancement, Smith College

“With heartfelt appreciation I give thanks to Jan for the impressive transformation that our management team has experienced during the past four months.  Jan and I co-created the overall goal of rebuilding trust between managers as a foundation for effective relationships that satisfy both personal and professional goals.  I am pleased and satisfied to see these goals become reality as we complete the managerial phase of our project.”  —John Broucek, President, New England Natural Bakers

“Whether beginning a large project or a small training class, Jan provides the value-laden content, ample direction and worthwhile questions to ponder.  When a group or organization is stuck, Jan will work triple-time to ensure understanding, compassion and the clarity of logical next steps and authentically acknowledge each person contributing to the winning team.   Jan is the punctuation that communicates to each individual that what they do and who they are is vital to the whole.”  —Lynnea Brinkerhoff, President, Seva Corporation

"The process where you had us demonstrate and engage our values was far more encompassing than any mere recitation of verbal statements could have been. As a result, I believe we are more open to one another, and more willing to engage in meaningful discussion on the issues we must address.”  —Tina Davies, Board V.P., Rowe Camp & Conference Center

“Our group of 12 directors moved through a continuum of work with Jan for over a year, growing stronger and closer as a team in that time.  Through discussions, games and feedback sessions she helped us move to a place where giving and receiving constructive feedback became a regular part of our daily interactions, not just an exercise when for when something is wrong.”  —Cam Kelly, Dir. of Major Gifts, Smith College

“I asked Jan to design a training to help staff improve communication and teamwork with each other and to lay the framework and develop buy-in for a more participatory agency work plan development process.  I was most impressed by the fact that, as the process unfolded, Jan was able to make substantive adjustments to respond to emerging issues and dynamics, while still staying on track to reach our initial goal.  I would whole heartedly recommend Jan to any other organization seeking to improve its performance.” —Kathi Jaworski, Exec. Dir. Franklin County Community Development Corporation

“I recommend Jan for services in organizational analysis and team building…we faced subtle but challenging obstacles in the reorganization of our senior management group.  Through Jan’s work, along with her direct and positive interactions with members of our team, we were able to address these challenges successfully.”  —Michael Conforti, Exec. Dir., Clark Art Institute

“The final outcome of all her work is that we are close to choosing to pursue a project that I believe is a truly creative response to one of the fundamental problems that keeps communities from becoming as healthy as they can and must be.”  —Mark Shoul, Exec. Dir., Institute for Community Building

“You are the most gifted professional who has become one of my favorite people!  You have challenged me and inspired me to grow in ways I would probably never have pursued.  You have the uncanny ability to get to the “heart of the matter”.  —Jim Heisey, Sr. Advancement Officer, Culinary Institute of America