Jan Dziadzio

facilitator and catalyst

Organizational Development Consulting

Mission: To serve as facilitator & catalyst supporting others in taking positive steps forward in their personal & professional relationships and results.

Core ValuesLoving Kindness, Integrity, Balance

Jannie's goal: support organizations, teams, individuals and couples in the process of transformation. Whether  facilitating a retreat, workshop, meeting, intervention, or coaching session, Jannie balances a strong focus on the content-what people are doing, with the process-how they are doing it.  She maintains a keen awareness of dynamics beneath the  surface bringing forth insights that allow participants to (re)choose how they respond.

Outcomes of this work: greater personal power and accountability, concentrating on both relationships and results; increased self awareness and insights resulting in new beliefs and behaviors; increased morale; renewed optimism; raised productivity, higher self esteem, resolution of personality conflicts; greater job and personal satisfaction; and renewed health due to reduced stress.

Jannie uses high-powered, non-threatening methods to create a container that provides emotional safety and a level playing field where all voices can be heard and valued.  Through thought provoking inquiry and interactive, energizing exercises, she keeps participants personally challenged and emotionally engaged.  With a focus on achieving specific outcomes, she tunes into each person’s needs, sensitivities and perspectives.  Jannie is  uniquely suited to combine in-depth advance preparation with the ability to spontaneously change course as needed during sessions.  Clients find opportunities for greater support and understanding of themselves and others, an arena in which to (re)build trust and an extensive toolbox from which to increase both their competence and their confidence.