Jan Dziadzio

facilitator and catalyst

Meeting Roles

Facilitator:  Responsible for the flow of both the content and process aspects of the meeting. 
Accountabilities:  1) taking agenda items from meeting participants according to S.O.P.s  and  typing them up for distribution before or at meeting; 2) keeping meeting on track and participants focused; suggesting items be taken off-line as appropriate;  3) calls for breaks or changes in direction as group needs dictate;  4) working with time keeper to ensure that the pace of the meeting is conducive to maximum productivity with minimum stress; 5) renegotiating how time is used,  as needed;  6) upholding the guidelines of the group; 7)  remaining objective and neutral while facilitating;  clarifies when they want to contribute as a participant, and asks another participant to facilitate, while they are participating;  8)  Receives input from Group Conscience Role and determines appropriate next steps;  9)  finding back up coverage if they are unable to attend any part of the meeting, as needed.

Scribe: Responsible for taking notes during the meeting on content according to S.O.P.s. 
Accountabilities: 1) documenting the informational content of the meeting; typing up meeting notes and distributing them to participants after the meeting according to S.O.P.s; 2) asking another participant to scribe for them when they want to participate or if they need to leave the room, or unable to attend;  3)cueing the Facilitator about pace of speaking so that they may capture the meeting contents with minimal stress.

Time Keeper: Responsible for keeping track of how time is used; works in partnership with Facilitator to keep Facilitator and Participants aware of time as it elapses.  Accountabilities: 1) having a time piece available and keeping track of where the group is in relation to time for the duration of the meeting; 2) notifying the Facilitator and Participants as time counts down or expires in any given time block;  3) asking another Participant to keep time for them when they participate, need to leave the room, or are unable to attend.

Group Conscience:  Responsible for the care of the relationships and the quality of the relating during meeting time, with a focus on process.  Accountabilities: 1)  bringing process observations and feedback to the attention of the Facilitator, when they are interfering either with the content or the quality of the relating between participants, as appropriate; 2)  staying aware of the level of stress that the group is experiencing and making recommendations to diffuse it, as appropriate.

Participant:  Responsible for full participation during all meetings.  Accountabilities: 1) getting agenda items to Facilitator according to S.O.P.s;  2)  staying present and attentive to all meeting content and process;  3) following all meeting guidelines;  4) giving and receiving appreciative and constructive feedback to other participants in useful ways, as appropriate to promote quality relating and results.