Jan Dziadzio

facilitator and catalyst


Jannie [ne Morton] started her practice in 1991, as an organizational development consultant, workshop trainer, meeting and retreat facilitator, and coach. She has passionately designed and implemented personal and professional development and empowerment programs that assist individuals, teams, and organizations of all sizes in shifting beliefs and behaviors to achieve specific goals, helping them successfully transition and transform.

Jannie’s expertise has been in understanding how relationships thrive in the workplace, with more than 3 decades of consulting, training and coaching experience.  She's known in the community as a person who's dedicated to the highest standards, has a relentlessly positive outlook, keen insights, tenacity, & a quick sense of humor.

Additionally, she has performed for more than 2 decades as a recruiter doing executive search, and has 3 decades of success helping sales teams increase their performance.  She’s consulted to businesses from sole proprietors to Fortune 100 Corporations locally and nationally, in both the product and service sectors.  She has worked with hundreds of manufacturing companies, as well as dozens of non-profit organizations, helping them start up, merge, reorganize, downsize and close.  She has worked as a workshop facilitator for groups ranging in size from 2 to 250.  She holds a B.A. in Education/Art, graduated from the Creative Training Techniques Institute, and completed an internship in Human Resources from Farm Credit Banks. Jan's also certified as a teacher of literacy, a personnel consultant, a mediator, and a neuro linguistic programming practitioner.

Jannie has worked with a number of clients on long-term culture shift programs.  In the mid ‘90’s, she headed a four year, $1.3 million dollar project with Spalding Sports Worldwide, creating and leading a team of 7 organizational development consultants, helping 600 people in a three shift, multi-cultural, union environment shift from a hierarchical to a team-based environment.  She has also worked solo with the Smith College Advancement Division for 6 years, New England Natural Bakers for 4 years, and the Culinary Institute of America for 2 years.  Additionally, she has worked with hundreds of businesses on a myriad of short term projects and single day events.  

Jannie shares a common commitment with her clients to social, economic and ecological integrity, enthusiasm about magnificently making a difference in the quality of life of self and others, and an awareness of how power is used.  Jannie collaborates with clients to build and maintain infrastructures and systems where vision, values and culture are the underpinnings, and where both relationships and results flourish.   Clients share an intention to embrace change, and a desire to use intuitive and innovative strategies to design extraordinary futures.