Jan Dziadzio

facilitator and catalyst

Couple’s Counciling

Every breakdown has a breakthrough…but you’ve got to work for it and you’ve got to look for it!

Jannie has great passion for the work she does with partners, helping them transition even more effectively as individuals and as a couple. In a safe container with guidance and rules of engagement, there’s ample opportunity to witness the collective stories and see both what’s precious and what’s in the way.  This is sacred work, requiring both intention and follow through, with miracles along the way.  Whether you are new to each other or have celebrated decades together, this work penetrates deep into conditioned tendencies and old brain patterning to unlock your unlimited potential for new perspectives and behaviors.

Using a dynamic myriad of tools from her toolbox as a catalyst for healing, Jannie allows partners to navigate challenging territory in ways that deepen trust, optimism and lay the foundation for a strong and satisfying partnership moving forward.  Through reflection and coaching during session time, partners review their shared vision, values and history, gaining insights from what’s discovered.  Over time, missed expectations of self and others are clarified and cleared, bringing forth freedom to create new beliefs, behaviors, and ultimately results.  Through skill building and homework partners are ultimately able to celebrate the shifts they experience during sessions, and live into them in the time between sessions.

At least the first session is recommended to be in person, with follow up sessions either face-to-face or by phone.  Jannie offers flexibility about session length, frequency and content, while operating within her core values of loving kindness, integrity and balance.